Team Provider MIMMS

Major Incident Medical Management & Support Course


The 1-Day MIMMS Team-Provider course objectives are to:

  • Understand the definition & classification of major incidents/emergencies

  • Describe the nature & managemnt of the major incident/emergency response

  • Recognise how to deliver the medical support required at major incidents/emergencies


The 1-Day Team Provider course is aimed at staff who may form part of the major incident/emergencies team from a hospital. Candidates should be anyone at the scene who would be expected to triage and treat as a minimum requirement.



1-day face-to-face (F2F)
  • Incidents in context
  • Communication
  • Command & Control
  • Treatment & Transport

Skill Stations 

  • Personal & Medical Equipment
  • Radio Procedures

Interactive table tops

  • Table-Top 1: Medical Support
  • Table-Top 2: Triage

Assessment and Certification

The 1-Day MiMMS Team Provider course assessment is based on the practical skill stations. The course certificate is valid for 4-years

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